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Training – PRODEL



Training of divisional focal points of zone III in possible crisis and disaster response in Koutaba
Importation of a Core Group of Pregnant Heifers and Artificial Mass Insemination
April 16, 2019
168 Artificially Inseminated Cows in Ngaoundéré
May 26, 2019


Quite a number of training courses are cluttered with an excess of theories. The lack of practice has been made obvious in the way that most of the available curricula operate. This diagnostic calls for some kind of practical rebalancing through capacity building.

This portrays the whole task of the training component in PRODEL. Its technical tool is the Training Plan. It has been developed to get staff from MINEPIA and PRODEL up-date their knowledge. Identifying training needs was a prerequisite. It resulted in the production of a Training plan.