Component ILet’s Vaccinate Our Sheep and Goats against ‘’Peste des Petits Ruminants’’ 25th of September to 30th of October 2019

Campaign Operational Plan
July 30, 2019
August 2, 2019


From the 16th to the 22nd September 2019

Awareness and information campaign

Identification of livestock farmers

Completion of solar freezing / refrigeration system (training of staff)


The 20th of September 2019

Press Briefing by the Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (Office)


From the 23rd to the 24th September 2019

Assessment of animal headcount activities and technical guidance for hiting defined vaccination targets


The 25th of September 2019

Official launching ceremony  in Nanga-Eboko


From the 26th to the 9th September 2019

Regional and divisional launching ceremonies (Governors and Senior Divisional Officers)


From the 10th to the 30th of October 2019

Conduct of vaccination


From the 18th of November 18 to the 6th of December 2019

Supervision mission ahead of the mid-term review of PRODEL


The 10th of December 2019

Post-vaccination survey