Reasons For Selecting the Montbéliard Breed

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Issues on the selection of the breed, follow-up with beneficiaries or capacity building of national expertise are addressed here.
Undestanding the Stakes of the Increase in Milk Production
April 21, 2021
Acclimation and Feeding Transition of 164 Pregnant Heifers
April 22, 2021

Reasons For Selecting the Montbéliard Breed

By April 22nd, 2021 in Component I, Newsletter

Heifers ensure a quick calving and entry into milk production. This comes true four to five months after their arrival. The Project gains over two years in the production cycle. They are highly productive dairy cows. They have displayed some strong ability to adapt to difficult climatic environments. Actually, countries such as Mali and Senegal import them. Cameroon had already imported Montbeliarde cows in the past for use in cross-breeding (animals and seeds). As for genetic improvement, the Project has been working on traits to highlight according to the targeted production systems. In order to increase national milk production to fill up the milk gap, it is necessary to move towards intensification. This option requires genetically efficient animals and other improvements in areas such as health, nutrition, management and access to market.

African solutions do not provide appropriate genetics. However, these solutions could be suitable for the pastoral system, especially on blended (milk and meat) formula. The training in feeding and management of high-producing dairy cows took place in 2019 for around forty senior staff drawn from both government and the private sector (veterinary doctors, zootechnicians and livestock technicians). There is no lactation without calving or giving birth. The success of artificial insemination shall be the royal road for gestations and calving. PRODEL is out for one calf per cow and per year, and about 300-day lactation periods. Genetic improvement could guarantee a minimum increase of 5% per year. But there is a way to go faster. It is the combination of the other improvements already mentioned above