Over Two Billions in the Implementation of Business Plans


Business-oriented PRODEL dispays some disbursements.
Adapted Conditions of Access to Funding
September 16, 2020
A revised and target-tailored Operational Manual Guide on the Beneficiaries of Co-Fundings
November 19, 2020

Over Two Billions in the Implementation of Business Plans

2,160,247,303! This is the figure as of now, 17ht of November 2020. It is the result of the funding of 36 business plans. Over one-half come from the Regional Coordination Unit, RCU, in Zone III. It hosts the Littoral, West, South-West and North-West regions. This is the most business-oriented area within PRODEL. Zone III has already disbursed 1,269,231,146 francs.

Zone II, for its part, accounts for an expenditure of 461,380,480 francs. The Centre, South and East regions are home to eight business plans. Finally, Zone I, which combines the three northern regions, its counts its nine business plans, and has already spent 429,635,677 francs.

As a whole, physical achievements are estimated at 70%. PRODEL is committed to getting more convincing results. The Project is therefore endeavouring to adopt a financial scheme for small business plans in regions with limited resource mobilization capacity, based on the principle of 90% and 10%. With the same goal of optimizing outcomes, the Project is also working to establish a financial scheme that sets up integrative business plans; which would seek funding exceeding 75 million francs.

Forecasts are that around ten integrative business plans with a financial volume of 250 million francs each shall see the light of day. Such investments are foreseen in three dairy processing units, two units of pork products, two poultry slaughter lines, one honey processing unit, and two meat processing units.