Over 331,000 Beneficiaries !


The monitoring and evaluation of the Livestock Development Project, PRODEL, according to the National Coordinator, captured the beneficiaries of the Project across Cameroon.
Inventory: 57 Business Plans Being Funded
March 26, 2021

Over 331,000 Beneficiaries !

140,000 women have already benefited from PRODEL. If the figure does not yet represent half of users, including 331,000, the rates are not that far from it. The disappointment concerns the number of young people. They are only 21,000. The perception of animal husbandry as a messy job, the difficulties linked to access to credit, the complications relating to land ownership, priorities for school, university or professional training, and the dream of a white-collar job hold still that target out of the way. However, PRODEL needs the enthusiasm and dynamism of young people in carrying out its mandate.

The Project is grateful to the vaccination of sheep and goats against ‘’peste des petits ruminants’’. The explosion in the number of beneficiaries is thanks to this activity. Vaccination alone accounts for over 320,000 beneficiaries. This is the human volume reached in two free mass national campaigns. The third and final vaccination campaign of 2021 will only lead to increased results. The Far North, the region and territory par excellence for small ruminants, holds the upper hand with over 150,000 beneficiaries of PRODEL services. The South-West, 10th region out of 10 classified, escorts barely 2,500 beneficiaries. Secessionist violence and violations come up against it and stifle the audacity of the livestock services.

The implementation of the Pastoral Resource Management Plans, PRMPs, constitutes the second reserve of beneficiaries of PRODEL: over 5,000. These are the operators of transhumance corridors, livestock tracks, boreholes and other pastoral infrastructure such as livestock markets or vaccine parks.

The field of value chains or the development component has not yet shown the figures of its ambition. 2021 marks the year of records to be broken in terms of business development in the livestock sub-sector via PRODEL.