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Livestock Sectors – PRODEL

Livestock Sectors

Dairy Sector

Develop the final cross breeding programme with exotic breeds with proven dairy potential and capacity to adapt to the south Saharan environment with a  view to reducing the current deficit in dairy products


Bovine Meat

The aim is to produce quality taurions and heifers for fattening in connection with the AGROPOLE meat programme via the development of a final crossing programme with exotic breeds with high potential


Small Ruminants Sector

Most small ruminants are produced in the three regions of the North, Far North and Adamaoua (more than 70% for sheep and about 60% for goats).  Goats also come from the east regions (Kadey and Lom & Djerem)


Pig Sector

The aim is to continue and intensify the actions underway at the Kounden Station in order to produce high-performance breeding stock for producers via the renewal of grandparents intended for the production



Le Cameroun produit 3341 tonnes de miel et 200 tonnes de cire par an. C’est depuis 2015. Il en exporte 900 tonnes à destination du Nigeria et en Europe. La délivrance du brevet au miel d’Oku en 2013


Poulet de chair

La filière représente une contribution de 1% au Produit intérieur brut.  C’est une couverture nationale de 14% en matière de besoin en protéines animales. Son déficit de production est de 98 mille tonnes.