The Last Eight Councils of 2018


The livestock development project, PRODEL, signed other agreements with councils on 12 December 2018 in Yaoundé.
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February 11, 2019
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February 13, 2019

The Last Eight Councils of 2018

By February 13th, 2019 in Component II, Pastoral Resources

The eight agreements of Yaounde increased the figure to 17. This time around, concerned councils are those from the East and Adamawa regions. Their selection follows their applications to a call for expressions of interest. The East region obtains more than CFA 521 million francs. The cities of Garoua- Boulaï and Ketté account for more than 152 million and 170 million francs respectively.

The one of Bétaré-Oya holds more than 123 million. The signing ceremony was held under the chairmanship of the Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, Dr. taiga. His counterpart, Georges Elanga Obam, of Decentralisation and Local Development came with him. The Adamawa also totals four councils. Beneficiaries share an amount of nearly 488 million francs. Ngaoundal obtains the best prize, with almost 135 million. Belel follows suit with more than 127 million.

Then come Ngaoundéré III and Meiganga with 114 and 110 million respectively. Round one of the signature of agreements with councils was held on 21 September, 2018 in Maroua. The Far North councils receive 430 million francs. The 126 million of the municipality of Pété ranks it first. The 111 million of Yagoua assured its second position. The third position is given to Kaélé with 104 million francs. PRODEL grants Tokombéré 82 million. Logone-Birni content itself with six and a half million.

The Northcouncils get the amount of 390 million. The one of Guider flies high with 118 million francs. Garoua III and Ngong each receive 114 million. The Lagdo council closes with 44 million francs. The overall contribution of councils is 192 million francs. The amount represents 10% of the overall budget. PRODEL provides 90% of the high financial demand. However, the ranking of beneficiaries per millionaire councils is not enough. The rest requires actions to be taken. It refers to the construction of pastoral infrastructures: 30 boreholes, 33 vaccination parks, four slaughter yards, 1000 km of rural road, two cattle markets, three butcheries, a drinking water supply and a dyke.

By Télesphore Mba Bizo