Keeping Prodel Busy during the Lockdown


The Livestock Development Project had to comply with barrier measures during the second quarter of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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June 7, 2020

Keeping Prodel Busy during the Lockdown

By June 7th, 2020 in Featured, Newsletter

People with uncovered faces are stopped. Everyone has to put on a mask before walking in. Even staff members have to wear mufflers matching the colours of the Project. Hand-washing devices with hydro-alcohol gels are available at all gates. Their use is made compulsory in the four central and regional offices of PRODEL across the country. Some additional gel has been made reachable on each floor. Security guards ensure that that people wash their hands as required.

Visits are not prohibited. But they went down to their simplest form. Visitors have to justify the need for a one-to-one chat with a staff through prior consent from the said personnel. The overall instruction is that of unconditional submission to teleworking. All meetings are held via videoconferences. The personnel have been supplied with phones and tablets as well as internet credits. It was to prevent them from complaining of low bandwidth or cheap performance of outdated phones. However, this flexibility does not lead to the slightest leniency in file processing.

Deadlines for delivery and user satisfaction remain the same, as compared to hitch-free/ordinary days. Moreover, the administrative and fiduciary teams comply with the requirement of attendance during working hours. The National and Regional Technical Specialists were even already familiar with teleworking. Duty consciousness has always connected them back to the headquarters even when they were conducting special assignments in the field. The health “war” has only made official a sense of professional leaning that was already inner and common practice.