Priorité à la construction des marchés et des boucheries


Emmanuel Gbanga, Maire de Ketté et signataire d’une convention avec le PRODEL, est l’invité principal de cette édition de PRODEL Magazine.
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février 13, 2019
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Priorité à la construction des marchés et des boucheries

Par février 13th, 2019 Dans Composante II, Ressource pastorales

Prodel Magazine : Why neglect sub-projects of boreholes and pastoral wells where they are seen as priorities ?

Emmanuel Gbanga :At the end of the diagnosis made by the consulting firm, a number of projects were accepted by the population and beneficiaries. The results of the diagnosis indicate an overgrown pasture of 55%. The rest can feed the cattle. So we agreed to build a cattle market and three butchers. We visited these four sites, which are: Ketté, Boubara, Gbiti and Mobé. The other phases will focus on the development of forage farms. This is an answer to the « Bokassa Grass » issue. It is necessary to stop its anarchic occupation capacities. We have neglected the issue of pastoral wells because our water abounds, to say the least.

Prodel Magazine : What is done to fight « Bokassa Grass?

Emmanuel Gbanga : The council has no magical or curative recipees against ‘’Bokassa Grass’’. It encourages the creation of forage farms. We have identified 10 villages with high pastoral potential. Seed farm schools will be developed there. A farm of two, three or four hectares, will never satisfy the expectations of a good pastoral community.

Prodel Magazine :What have youd one following the signing of the agreement with PRODEL?

Emmanuel Gbanga : We came back and informed project beneficiaries. The 10% contribution of the council led to a meeting with the main actors. The municipal revenue collector was willing to release that substantial amount. The quota is a prerequisite for the disbursement of PRODEL funding. A common account already exists in the books of Atlantic Bank in Bertoua. The financial institution explained the rights and duties to each party. Everything will be operational come March 2019.

Prodel Magazine :What are you doing to attract international customers to Gbiti?

Emmanuel Gbanga :We have just visited a council in the Adamawa region. We learned with dismay that Ngawi is the only large cattle market. I therefore invited them to visit Gbiti. Ketté in the Kadey division is a considerable lifestock farming pole. The curse of ‘’Bokassa grass’’ has caused livestock farmers relocate in Ayos and Akonolinga.

Interviewed by Télesphore Mba Bizo