Télesphore MBA BIZO

juillet 4, 2019

208 millions de subvention comme premiers financements dans la Zone III

Three business plans have already received funding. The Simplified Co-operative Society of Table Egg Producers in Penka Michel Sub-Division, SCOOPS ABOGA ELE, has received 58 million […]
juillet 3, 2019

Fin des préparatifs liés à la distribution des animaux aux peuples baka dans la Zone II

The work has revisited the ins-and-outs of the process of handing over of high-performance animals to the Baka people. The training focused on the technical routes […]
juillet 3, 2019

Gestion des vaches laitières : développement d’une expertise nationale dans la Zone I

The 165 pregnant heifers that are being acquired deserve all their living comfort. This is an essential provision (80%). The goal is to allow these cows […]
juillet 3, 2019

PRODEL comme extension du MINEPIA dans la résilience

The Project has given itself the task of responding to the specificity of these two regions through “support for the resilience of poor and conflict-affected households”. […]
juillet 3, 2019

Déclencheurs des opérations de résilience

These regions have the highest rates of food insecurity and the least favourable vulnerability indicators these details make them even more fragile. The regions in question […]
juillet 3, 2019

Chaque bénéficiaire est géo-référencé

The supervision will have been thorough from beginning to end. The operators took part in an upgrade training, recognises Dr. Fatima Djibrila Sidiki. It was organised […]
juillet 3, 2019

Processus de sélection des bénéficiaires des opérations de résilience

Five operators were selected for the implementation of the activity. Jeunesse active pour la lutte contre la pauvreté et le VIH SIDA et ses souffrances, JAPSSO, […]
juillet 3, 2019

Veuve et bénéficiaire de 10 chèvres

10 goats to rekindle hope in an entire family. The lady is not a mere widow. She is first and foremost the mother of three (children). […]
juillet 3, 2019

Personne handicapée et bénéficiaire de 10 chèvres

Goodbye to the life of odds and ends. The government has donated goats to Joël Sanguem. In return, the recipient has promised to comply with government […]