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Support for animal production practices and community management of pastoral areas – PRODEL

Support for animal production practices and community management of pastoral areas


The main objective of the sub-component is to improve pastoral livestock production practices including herd management through the promotion of better management of pastoral and animal resources, increasing the productivity of pastoral livestock systems, securing pastoralists’ access to resources and reducing conflicts.

At the centre of the sub-component is support for the consultation process and shared management of resources, as well as the implementation of community pastoral resource management plans following the approach developed by the PNDP.

The activities of this sub-component include:

  • participatory development of pastoral resource management plans;
  • the implementation of management plans and
  • the improvement of production practices based on models currently successfully implemented by development partners in the targeted areas.

An ad hoc committee created by decision n°00707/D/MINEPIA/SG/UCNP/2017 of 26 December 2017 of the Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries has selected 30 competitive councils.  10 come from the Far North, 8 from the North, the same number from Adamaoua and 4 from the East region.  These councils will benefit from PRODEL’s support for the development and implementation of the (scheme to manage pastoral resources) PGRPs.

The process of participatory development of PGRPs includes the Action Plans for Restricting Access to the Resource, APRAR.  The process began in June 2018.  It has been completed in 17 councils out of 30: 5 in the Far North region with the Integrated Participatory Local Development Support Unit, CADEPI, as operator, 4 in the North region with the Netherlands Development Organization, SNV, 4 in Adamaoua with the Association for the Promotion of Livestock in the Sahel and Savannah, APESS and 4 in the East region with GEO-COMPETENCE).

The technical validation of these 17 prepared PGRPs (proofreading by PRODEL/MINEPIA and transmission to the World Bank for non objection) and integration into council development plans (CDPs) is completed. Participatory planning of sub-projects for the sustainable management of pastoral resources was effective in the 5 councils of the Far North and in the 4 of the North Region.  These sub-projects have been subject to a study.  They made it possible to obtain quantitative and estimated estimates as well as plans and diagrams of the pastoral works and infrastructures to be built.  Co-financing agreements for the sub-projects matured by the studies have been signed between PRODEL and the councils of Kaele, Logone Birni, Pette and Tokombere in the Far North Region, the councils of Lagdo, Guider, Ngong and Garoua III in the North Region.  Requests for Quotations (RFQs) for the implementation of the sub-projects of these councils have been developed as well as the related procurement plan.

An exchange trip on transhumance and intercouncil management around pastoral resources was organized in Niger and Mali.  This was to capitalize on the achievements of the simplified livestock market information system (MIS), the application of operational techniques to popularize pastoralism laws and regulations, the choice of simplified pasture management techniques through the seeding of forage species, the choice of adapted techniques for mobilizing and empowering pastoral communities, etc.

Seventeen (17) councils are already benefiting from the PGRP.  They have signed the agreement with PRODEL.

The opening of joint accounts and the mobilization of contributions from the councils are gradually being carried out with the technical assistance of the implementing operators (APESS, CADEPI, BET GEOCOMPETENCE and SNV) in the municipalities of Adamaoua (Meiganga, Belel, Ngaoundere 3, Ngaoundal), the Far North (Kaele, Logone Birni, Pette, Tokombere and Yagoua).  Amendments to operators’ contracts are provided for to enable them to assist municipalities in the implementation of PGRPs, in particular the implementation of social engineering activities.  The recruitment of 5 technical and works monitoring controllers (1/council) is in progress.