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Improving the resilience of poor and conflict-affected communities – PRODEL

Improving the resilience of poor and conflict-affected communities


This sub-component improves the adaptive capacity of the poorest or most vulnerable communities affected by the crisis in the north and far north regions of the country.  Given the climate of insecurity and sometimes danger prevailing in these regions, implementation deliberately follows a simplified approach by focusing on investments that will produce short-term results and examines the immediate effects of poverty, conflict and fragility, while encouraging these communities and community organizations to directly strengthen their resilience and foster the emergence of a more inclusive social contract.

This sub-component thus provides productive assets to the beneficiaries.  They are considered to be the main priorities in terms of contributing to the fight against poverty.  It will be based on the livestock value chains that are most relevant to poor livestock households.


The mechanism for targeting poor households and making productive assets available is validated.  The mobilization of operators for implementation is effective.  5 operators have been recruited for its implementation in the 68 councils of the Far North and North regions.  Indeed, the process of supporting poor households began with the development of the Subcomponent’s intervention guide manual validated on 12 June 2018.  The recruitment of operators has been completed.  They are responsible for identifying, selecting and organizing the delivery of support to poor conflict-affected households.  This is in order to provide support.  This involves 500 productive supports per region.  5 NGOs/associations/social promotion centres were selected, i.e. one operator per batch as follows:

  • Lot 1 (Mayo-Rey and Faro): Active Youth for the Fight Against Poverty and HIV AIDS and its Sufferings (NGO JAPSSO) ;
  • Lot 2 (Mayo-Louti and Benue): Operational Centre for Economic and Social Promotion and Regeneration – Africa Sector (COPRESSA);
  • Lot 3 (Mayo-Tsanaga and Diamare): Synergy for Local Development (SYDEL) ;
  • Lot 4 (Mayo-Danay and Mayo-Kan): Union of Baptist Churches of Cameroon (UEBC- SAARE TABITHA) ;
  • Lot 5 (Mayo-Sava and Logone et Chari): Cameroon Association for Local Development (CALD).

The contracts between the operators and PRODEL are signed.  The service order to start functioning was served on 17 December 2018.  The process is effectively underway through the effective establishment of council and local targeting committees for the selection of beneficiary villages and households.  The first support should be given in March 2019.

The same operators will also provide support to women and women’s groups to be identified, according to a methodology and mechanism that has also been validated.  Kick-off meetings were held in 4 divisions (out of 10) and will continue in the first week of January 2019.