Access to animal health services


The objective of this sub-component is to improve the provision of animal health services.  To do so, the Project:

  • strengthens the capacities of national veterinary services (NVS);
  • supports the surveillance and control of animal diseases and veterinary drugs.

The strengthening of epidemiological surveillance and early warning systems improves the detection and enables rapid response to major animal diseases, such as contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP), small ruminant plague (SRP), Newcastle disease (NCD) and African/Classical swine fever (A/CSF).

This sub-components also help control diseases that affect productivity, such as parasitic diseases, vector-borne or bacteriologically transmitted diseases, by strengthening private veterinary practices and services, and by strengthening links with government  veterinary authorities, through the health scheme.  In addition to better control of production diseases, the strengthening of veterinary services will also contribute to tackling zoonoses and improve the situation regarding antimicrobial resistance.


The very first vaccination campaign against the Small Ruminant Plague, SRP, in Cameroon, has been carefully prepared. The vaccination act itself is imminent.  All awareness and communication tools and other materials are validated by the Bank and MINEPIA and ready for publication.  These are posters, radio/TV spots, image boxes for the farmer.  The delivery of equipment and working materials, in this case diagnostic kits and vaccination kits, is effective in the 58 divisions of the country’s ten regions.  The enumeration operation of households owning small ruminants was completed in 2019.

The definition of the baseline situation in the context of surveillance and control activities for priority animal diseases targeted in 2018, including small ruminant plague, contagious bovine pleuropneumonia and foot-and-mouth disease.  The process of supporting the installation of young veterinarians in private practice and the development of risk management tools in the livestock sub-sector have been finalized.

Vaccines were available in the Regional Delegations of the Centre, South, Littoral, East and West in December 2018.  It is the result of a partnership between PRODEL, the national veterinary laboratory LANAVET and the Division of veterinary  services , DVS.  This involves the provision of just over one million (1,033,000) doses of CAPRIPESTOVAX.  According to the clauses of the 7-month vaccine production protocol, presented and validated by mutual agreement in July 2018, approximately 4 million additional doses of vaccine will be delivered by 31 March and the remainder by 31 April 2019 to constitute all 8 million doses of PRODEL vaccines.

As part of the surveillance and control of targeted priority animal diseases, a strategic plan for the control of CBPP and 5 operational plans for the control of SRP, CBPP, FMD, A/CSF and NCD were produced and shared. The various actors involved in the field (divisional focal points, heads of regional veterinary services) were all trained as part of the PRODEL/LANAVET/DVS collaboration on sampling, packaging, laboratory dispatch and diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis by intrareaction.  This was during the workshops in Louguere, Belabo and Koutaba in May and June 2018.