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Access to Quality Inputs – PRODEL

Access to Quality Inputs


This sub-component aims to improve access to genetic material and quality food, including forage. As such, the Project shall:

  • assist MINEPIA in developing a strategy to strengthen the supply of animal genetic resources in the country and a related investment plan;
  • contribute to its funding , in particular by supporting five (05) breeding stations pre-identified during the preparation (Kounden for pigs, Louguere and Dogba for small ruminants and fodder crops, Wakwa for fodder crops and cattle and a fifth still to be identified); which will ensure the supply of pedigree brood stock and improved fodder seeds to targeted POs in components 2 and 3.

The report on the study on the development of the national animal genetic improvement strategy (cattle, small ruminants, pigs) was presented and discussed in the presence of a booad panel.  The study is accompanied by investment plans for livestock stations, namely Dogba, Wakwa, Louguere, Kounden and Bali.    Comments and recommendations have been brought to the attention of the CHYDA International Group.  It had been selected for this activity.  The final validation of this study report incorporating the above recommendations and observations is expected.

The preparatory activities for the import of exotic Montbeliarde cows to be made available to dairy farmers and the insemination process for cows are under way.  These include the selection and training of beneficiaries, the construction of stables, the training of technicians in cattle insemination, the identification and selection of matrices and the raising of awareness among livestock farmers.

The importation contract for 165 heifers is concluded with the COOPEX MONTBELIARDE group.  Delivery is expected in the first half of June 2019.  This activity is carried out in close collaboration with the Ad Hoc Committee for the monitoring of animal import and distribution operations (efficient breeders) created by Decision N°00112 MINEPIA/CAB of 26 January 2018.  In addition, the training of beneficiaries of brood stock in livestock management (health measures, feeding, milking hygiene, heat detection, etc.) planned at the level of the RCUs has been postponed to 2019 pending the selection of the said beneficiaries.