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Institutional Support, Capacity Building and Communication – PRODEL

Institutional Support, Capacity Building and Communication


This sub-component strengthens the capacity of MINEPIA staff to carry out their basic responsibilities, including sub-sector analysis, preparation and implementation of related policies, monitoring and evaluation of sub-sector activities.

The activities of the sub-component include, but are not limited to, the following

  • The development of a short, medium and long-term training plan and the financing of this plan in order to provide MINEPIA with a pool of specialized experts;
  • The development and implementation of a communication plan on livestock in general and targeted value chains;
  • The development and implementation of an information and data management platform for the sub-sector;
  • Improving food safety standards for products of animal origin;
  • Support for the 10 regional livestock producers’ houses (capacity building, equipment, local technical assistance, and possibly construction of a national livestock farmers’ house in Yaoundé, etc.);
  • Capacity building for producers and inter-professional organizations;
  • The development of plans to respond to eligible crises and emergencies in the livestock sub-sector.

The Project will mobilize the necessary expertise to support MINEPIA in the implementation of the different activities.


A detailed Training Plan has been developed and validated.  It takes into account the needs of MINEPIA, PRODEL and other stakeholders in the livestock sector.  In preparation for the implementation of this plan, a prospecting mission was organized in Belgium and Israel from July 24 to August 10 2018.  It identified training opportunities for Cameroonian managers in the target sectors of the Project as well as relevant technologies for improving livestock production systems.  Four senior MINEPIA managers participated in a training course in’ ‘Animal Health and Welfare” organized by the École nationale des services vétérinaires de Lyon(National School of veterinary services of Lyon).  These managers had their skills in the management and control of cross-border diseases and national mechanisms for fair, healthy and sustainable trade in animal products strengthened.  In addition, MASHAV, the Israeli International Development Cooperation Agency, has awarded two training scholarships in rural entrepreneurship, gender and development to two PRODEL specialists in Israel.

A total of 1731 training days were organized.  These training courses, mainly for MINEPIA and PRODEL managers, have enabled them to improve their performance.  For stakeholders in the livestock sector, the training courses concerned implementation operators, LSP and RPSC

Negotiations for a direct agreement with ILRI have been initiated for its technical support for the establishment of an AOA health security surveillance network.  The aim was (i) to carry out an inventory of the sanitary quality of food of animal origin and the safety of AOAs in Cameroon (practices, nature, prevalence and importance of zoonotic pathogens, drug residues and food toxins of animal origin in the targeted value chains), (ii) to propose a network for the surveillance of AOAs in terms of sanitary safety,  roles and responsibilities of the actors, standardization of tools for data collection, reporting and data dissemination (alert forms, data entry forms, outline of reports and production of newsletters, quarantine forms, health certificates for animal products) and, (iii) evaluation of the cost of operating the network.  Unfortunately, this negotiation did not go through and the project is in search of a new partner to carry out this activity in collaboration with the DVS.