Establishment of productive partnerships


The objective of this sub-component is to create an enabling environment for direct and sustainable relationships between producers and buyers of targeted value chains and financial institutions.

This sub-component promotes and develops productive partnerships between POs and buyers of products (meat, milk and honey) of targeted species (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and bees).  It is to link the offer of POs to the demand of buyers.  Partner financial institutions (PFIs) are included in the PP because they are expected to co-finance the sub-projects developed.

The sub-component also supports the development of sustainable business relationships between targeted POs and financial institutions (FIs).  In order to facilitate the involvement of PFIs and the provision of adequate financial services, it provides support for capacity building of POs in the area of preparation of viable sub-projects (business plans) for financing.


The Project has recruited the appropriate skills.  These are 3 financial assistants in the RCUs, a long-term technical assistant to support the implementation of component 3 and 3 local service providers,LSP.  These are ICLA for Zone 1, Agrop-PME for Zone 2 and CRIFAT for Zone 3.  These service providers are in charge of developing and implementing the business plans of producer organisations.  Other activities concern the training of actors, notably divisional focal points, DFPs , partner financial institutions, PFIs, members of regional pre-selection committees, RPSCs and RCUs.  The RPSCs therefore held sessions. The organisation of the implementation of the work material  (Manual guide for POs, PFI guides,framework for BPs, evaluation forms, etc.) is progressive.

Raising awareness among potential beneficiaries in the field with the involvement of DFPs has led to the following results:

  • 1200 producer organisations identified;
  • 523 characterized producer organizations;
  • 29 producer organizations diagnosed in Zone 1, 27 in Zone 2 and 45 in Zone 3;
  • 49 contracts signed with buyers (agri-food chains, operators or market aggregators;
  • 15 business plans (BPs) are being finalized;
  • Two (02) buyers with a proven demand for livestock products have been identified.  These are COOVAPORC in Douala for pork and MA BIO TRADE SARL in Douala for honey;
  • Two (02) productive partnerships (PP) are being finalized between these identified buyers and eligible POs.