Campaign Operational Plan

Component ILet’s Vaccinate Our Sheep and Goats against ‘’Peste des Petits Ruminants’’ 25th of September to 30th of October 2019

The Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries through PRODEL and other partners have developed a whole methodology.
An International Stake to Benefit Local Development
July 30, 2019
August 1, 2019

Campaign Operational Plan

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An administration that is closer to the people that it serves. The Department of Veterinary Services thus explained the adopted methodology to the audience : “You stay at home. It is the State that comes towards you. We have your names and phone numbers. MINEPIA agents will introduce themselves to you. The traditional authority will assess them. Each chief shall sign the vaccination form. Even the livestock farmer signs and mentions the date of vaccination. ”

Two major actors are entering the organisation and animation of the campaign. First and foremost, it is the administrative authority. Indeed, the Divisional Officer convenes all village chiefs in his sub division. In turn, village chiefs, the second major actors, designate two people. They come from the community imperatively. People know and trust them. The two people shall “go door-to-door”. They shall record the name of each lifestock farmer and the number of his sheep and goats on a form. MINEPIA agents shall use this list to prepare vaccination equipment. ‘’It is a free operation. We ask those present to pass on this information to those who are absent,” says Dr. Ciéwé, Service Head of Domestic Animals. According to the same person, MINEPIA staff shall “collect samples before and after vaccination. The comparison between both samples shall allow various crews to know if animals are immune or not. The same samples shall provide information on the state of the disease within the community”.