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Deliberation bodies – PRODEL

Deliberation bodies

Regional Pre-Selection Committees

The RPSC of Sub-project/business plans are the main deliberative bodies established in the ten (10) regions.

Responsibilities of the RPSC

Created by decision No. 00489/MINEPIA/CAB of 25 August 2016 of the Minister in charge of Livestock and Animal Industries, the Regional Pre-Selection Committees are responsible for the pre-selection of sub-projects (SP)/business plans (BP) submitted by producer organizations in their respective regions and for the final selection of sub-projects/business plans that will not require the services of financial institutions.

The RPSCs are responsible for:

  • ensuring the eligibility of producer organizations (POs) in accordance with the criteria set out in the Project Implementation Manual (PIM);
  • verifying  the eligibility of sub-Projects/Business Plans in accordance with the criteria set out in the Project Implementation Manual and the Guide for the Preparation of Business Plans;

pre-select the POs’ business plans and make recommendations to the RCU for co-financing the said BPs according to the priorities defined by the NPCU.

Composition of the RPC

The RPCs are composed of seven (07) members:

  • The Regional Delegate of MINEPIA (President);
  • The Regional Coordinator (Rapporteur) without the right to vote;
  • A regional representative of the producer organisations in the targeted sectors;
  • A Regional Head of service in charge of Animal Production ;
  • A representative of the Cameroon Chamber of Agriculture, of Livestock and Forestry, resident of the region;
  • A representative of the buyers;
  • A representative of financial institutions operating in the region.

The RPC shall meet as necessary and at least twice a year, as convened by its Chairman.

Documents to be examined shall be sent to members at the same time with the meeting notification at least (7) days before the Meeting date.  They must indicate the date, time, place and agenda of the meeting.  In urgent cases, this period may be reduced to three (3) days.

For sub-projects/business plans covered by the provisions of Order No. 00002/MINEPDED of 09 February 2016 defining the standard terms of reference and the content of the statement on environmental impact, their pre-selection is subject to the presentation of the receipt for the submission of the application file for the preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The granting of subsidies to producer organisations for the implementation of their sub-projects/business plans is subject to a pre-selection of these sub-projects/business plans by the Regional Pre-selection Committee and in accordance with the nature of the elements of the sub-projects eligible for subsidies as defined by the Minister for Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries.