A Continuing Education Project


Many beneficiaries took advantage of the training courses initiated by PRODEL this semester.
Overview of the Address by the Minister of Women Empowerment and the Family
July 5, 2019
Strict Compliance with Socio-Environmental Safeguard Measures
November 6, 2019

A Continuing Education Project

By November 6th, 2019 in Component II

A poor diet can undermine the project of distributing the first 165 pregnant heifers. The Project therefore anticipated. It implies the training of heifer beneficiaries in feeding dairy cows. It reached 100 days from a cumulative perspective.

The other training theme concerns the sustainable management of pastoral resources. 17 council staff members and the pastoralists’ operators attended it. The training took place at École Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique de Maroua with a total of 126 training days. An exchange mission of 2 MINEPIA executives in Master Research training courses took place in Maroua. Another exchange mission is planned in Dschang for the training of 2 executives in Health Economics.

Two students reading communication have completed their professional internships within the Project. They took part in the implementation of the awareness raising campaign on the vaccination of sheep and goats against “peste des petits ruminants”. Other internships are ongoing. They are related to renewable energies for vaccine conservation and greenhouse gas assessment tools. The last group of trainees in 2019 is scheduled to start in November 2019. The themes focus on pastoral resource assessment and invasive plant control.